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Episode 016 - Lisa Spencer-Arnell

What's LOVE got to do with Leadership

How many magnificent leaders do you know?
Lisa's mission is to see far more of them & to change the energy from fear and surviving to love, compassion & trust. Imagine what it would be like if you loved going to work every day, if your team loved working for you, if your clients loved doing business with you, if your audiences/participants/people loved being connected to/led by you?
Imagine the possibilities and the extra-ordinary results available to you. People leading with more Courage, Compassion & Spirit is what gets Lisa out of bed every day.

Ian and Lisa Spencer-Arnell discuss:-

  • Multiple Braining – aligning your 3 brains for success – head, heart & gut
  • What's Love got to do with Leadership? (are you leading from fear or love & compassion) Fear kills creativity, motivation, engagement, possibilities, relationships, results, profit & has people be in survival mode.
  • What's it like to meet you? - you're having an impact all of the time whether you're conscious of it or not. What impact do you intend to have and what is the impact that is felt by others? How closely matched are the two? How does it feel to be around you? Do you know?

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Lisa's Recommended Reading

Making a Difference is at the heart of what we do and here’s an example of how we’re working with young people to grow self-esteem, belief and confidence. Children are our future – tomorrow’s leaders!


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"I believe there is buried treasure in every one of us"

- Lisa Spencer-Arnell