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Episode 017 - Peter Robinson
Kids Entertainment & Gaming

Pete is an experienced consultant, specialising in new technology, kids entertainment, ethical marketing to kids and education (and where possible screwing all those things together).
Within his role at Dubit, Pete has developed a firm knowledge of young people, their attitudes and behaviour, with a strong focus on media consumption and how it is evolving.
Pete is a regular speaker at research and kids entertainment conferences on topics such as emerging technology, social media, video consumption, entertainment brand strategy and wider children's media habits.

Ian Farrar and Peter Robinson discuss:-

  • YouTube Kids
  • Ethical Marketing
  • Coding for Kids
  • Gaming Habits

Pete Robinson can be found at and
Pete's recommended reading:
Paco Underhill
Malcolm Gladwell
Google Ventures - The Design Sprint


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"Coding is going to become a really interesting part of children's
learning and development."

- Pete Robinson