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Episode 018 - Heather Wilde

Entrepreneurship & Mentoring

Heather attended the University of Alabama Hunstville for Aerospace Engineering, St. John's College Annapolis for Liberal Arts and Clare College, Cambridge for Medieval British Literature.

Heather has a long-standing interest in Economic and Community Development. With over 15 years of building and growing digital communities with companies such as Spirit Airlines, THQ and Evernote.

Professionally, Heather has programmed microcontrollers for the Navy, worked on NASA projects, been a Flight Attendant, designed and managed online games for some major licenses, ran HR departments for small business and 5000+ employee companies, and designed and managed the support infrastructure at Evernote from its very early days through its milestone of 100 million users.

Heather is currently the CTO of ROCeteer, a company that provides coaching and support services to ecosystems globally. In tandem to this role, Heather enjoys performing as an advisor to startups and coaching their entrepreneurs.

Ian and Heather Wilde discuss:-

  • Entrepreneurship and the trend with young school leavers to start their own businesses
  • Solopreneurs and their ability to launch a company without increased resource
  • Mentoship and its importance to your career
  • Evernote and the early days

Heather can be found at heathriel.com

Heather's Recommended Reading

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy


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"Everyone has something special that no one else has"

- Heather Wilde