How to start your own podcast

Feeling inspired? Great! Let's get you on the way by checking out the podcasting setup used for Industry Angel.



The majority of the equipment used on the show can be found in our Amazon shop, affiliate links here.

Portable Interview Recorder and Accessories

The H4n Pro Handy Recorder from Zoom features an in-built stereo X/Y microphone.
The above Q2U microphone can also be plugged in using its XLR cables. This recorder will take two microphones as it has two XLR connectors.

Portable Live Streaming Video Gear

For portable live streaming Ian uses the below equipment with an iPhone.

Studio Live Streaming Video Gear

For studio live streaming Ian uses the below equipment.

Ancillary Equipment

This is what Ian uses day to day.

Editing Software

The digital audio workstation (DAW for short) Audacity is used to edit the podcast and export as a .wav file before being converted to an .mp3 via iTunes.

Podcast Hosting

Industry Angel has always been hosted with Libysn, who have been podcast distributors for over 13 years.  The global download stats are excellent and there is a cost effective monthly fee.

Website Hosting

Industry Angel has always been hosted with Siteground.
This link can get you discount on your hosting and a free site migration.

Remote Interview Recording

Originally Industry Angel was recorded using Skype and a separate solution that integrated named 'Pamela'.

Following regular integration issues with Skype and Pamela we now use Zencastr.

Where do you listen...?







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