Episode 183

John Devitt

How to Respond to a Change in the Marketplace

Episode 184

Gillian Fortune

How to Feel in Control

Episode 185

Ray Spencer

Will the Show Go On?


Episode 186

Coming Soon...


Episode 187

Coming Soon...

Episode 178

Anthony Stears

How to Perfect Your Approach

Episode 179

Martin Stout

Impact via a Leading Business & Lifestyle Magazine

Episode 180

Adrienne Gibson

Transforming with Heart

Episode 181

Rob Moore

The Disruptive Entrepreneur

Episode 182

Helen Burgess

Little Cooks Co

Episode 173

Colin Plews

The Big Pink Dress

Episode 174

Paul Lancaster

Start Something New

Episode 175

Deb McGargle

Understanding The World of Startups

Episode 176

R Michael Anderson

Building During Adversity

Episode 177

Ann English

Why Most Ideas Die

Episode 168

Ramm & Risner

Manage Your Team & Thrill Your Clients

Episode 169

Laura Middleton

An eCommerce Business Journey

Episode 170

Barney Waters

President of K-Swiss

Episode 171

Leon Howe

Business Incubator Benefits

Episode 172

Pascal Fintoni

Visual Storytelling

Episode 163

Ashleigh King

Organising a TEDx Event & What Makes an Awesome Application

Episode 164

Nicola Jayne Little

Running MINT Business Club

Episode 165

Kate Anderson

Teamwork & Culture Building

Episode 166

Carl Buckley

Entrepreneurial Mindset & Wellbeing

Episode 167

Geoff Ramm

Every Year, One Big Project

Episode 158

Emma Lewell-Buck

MP for South Shields

Episode 159

Sharon MacArthur

Miss Menopause

Episode 160

Alfie Joey

Changing Lanes

Episode 161

Simon Raybould

Structuring Presentations to WIN!

Episode 162

Phil Teasdale

Inspiration USA!

Episode 153

Michael Owen

Clothing Brand Founder | Always Wear Red

Episode 154

Simon Briton

Digital Transformation in R&D Tax

Episode 155

Richard Tubb

Journaling for Success

Episode 156

Sarah Crimmens

Foundation: Gratitude & The Universe

Episode 157

Grant Murray

Boomerang Geordie

Episode 148

Ian & Panel

Q & A with three business founders

Episode 149

Ian & Panel

Life App North | App Development Insights

Episode 150

Cathy O'Dowd

Do what has never been done before

Episode 151

Ian Farrar

No one is coming to save YOU!

Episode 152

Ian Farrar

Update from Lockdown

Episode 142

Glyn Davison

LIVE Fireside Chat

Episode 143 & 144

Ann Cleeves

LIVE Interview and Q & A

Episode 145

Ian & Friends

Ian summarises 2019 & we hear well wishes from past guests.

Episode 146

Ian Farrar

Level Up Your Business & Career

Episode 147

Ash Dykes

Mission Yangtze

Episode 137

Ian Farrar

Leaders; Things to Consider Before your Terminate a position

Episode 138

Will Kintish

Business Networking Skills & Tips

Episode 139

Caspar Craven

Where the Magic Happens

Episode 140

Matthew Turner

The Anti Hustle

Episode 141

Ian Farrar

How to Get Featured on Podcasts

Episode 132

Ian Farrar with Grant Murray

Foreign Currency Trading

Episode 133

Ian Farrar 

Fuel Your Fire, Come Back Stronger

Episode 134

Professional Speaking Association North East

Speaker Factor Regional Heats

Episode 135

Ian & Panel

Life After University

Episode 136

Sharon Bolt

How to Tell Stories the Media Can't Resist

Episode 127

Simon Raybould & Nevil Tynemouth

NSW Bonus | Day Two

Episode 128

Kathrine Switzer

Marathon Woman | Be Fearless

Episode 129

Cintel Global

Startup Safari NG | Founding an Emerging Tech Startup

Episode 130

Ian & Friends

Launching Carpeway Leadership Group

Episode 131

Startup Safari NG

The World of XR

Episode 122

Danny Mitchell

The Business of Giving

Episode 123

Ian Farrar & Rob O'Donahue

Ian is interviewed for the 1% Better Podcast Show

Episode 124

Conor McCarthy

Founding one of Europe's fastest growing startups

Episode 125

Live Streaming Interviews

Newcastle Startup Week 2019

Episode 126

Brad Burton

NSW Bonus |Day One

Episode 117

Ian Farrar

One Golden Nugget

Episode 118

Jim Mawdsley

CEO of the UK's leading music sector development agency

Episode 119

Mike Lever

Want more customers? Get the fundamentals right

Episode 120

Ian Farrar

Get Accountable – 10 Tips to Seize the Way!

Episode 121

Anon & Ian Farrar

Marvel Victory

Episode 112

Ian Farrar & Friends

Thoughts for the Christmas holidays & 2019

Episode 113

Anon & Ian Farrar

Punking Marvel

Episode 114

Pat Lynes

Teams as a Service

Episode 115

Ian Farrar

The Power of Feedback

Episode 116

Simon Middleton

Brand Is DEAD

Episode 107

Ian Farrar

Volunteering for You & Your Community

Episode 108


Hip Hop Entrepreneurship

Episode 109

Ian Farrar

Ditch them clients & win new friends

Episode 110

Davide Caervillin

How to win at Office Politics

Episode 111

Ric Drasin

The Golden Era of Bodybuilding

Episode 102

Ian Farrar

Career Mapping & Goal Setting

Episode 103

Caspar Berry

Risk Taking & Decision Making in Poker, Business & Life

Episode 104

Invest South Tyneside & ISM Panel

The Future of Technology in Selling

Episode 105

The Listeners!

Listeners Career Journeys

Episode 106

Ian Farrar

Global Platform, Local Focus

Episode 97

Ian Farrar

Company Values & Digital Reputation

Episode 98

Mike Lever

4 Key Sales Ingredients

Episode 99

Timo Bouldt

Five years & 250 employees later

LIVE Episode 100

Ray Spencer

The Centenary edition with Ray Spencer

Episode 101

Nevil Tynemouth

Is your customer journey broken

Episode 92

Tanja Bueltmann

The Brexit Interview – Britain and the EU impact

Episode 93

Owen Morgan

World Health Heroes

Episode 94

Dr. Laurie Rauch

Performance under pressure

Episode 95

Deepak Shukla

Achieve More Leads & Boss the Rankings

Episode 96

Richard Myers

Backing Entrepreneurs with Start-Up Loans

LIVE Episode 87

Gary Fildes

LIVE Fireside Chat with Astronomer & Kielder Observatory Founder

LIVE Episode 88

Jill McKinney

LIVE Exploring the Digital Skills Gap

Episode 89

Ian, Paul & Brian

The Power of Networking

Episode 90

Jamie Hill

Facebook groups for creating sales leads

Episode 91

Laura Foster

What exactly is a Scale Up Business?

Episode 82

Sharon Bolt

Get Free Publicity Today

Episode 83

Louise Kennedy & Sharon MacArthur

International Women's Day

LIVE Episode 84

Shaun Oakes

A Founder’s Journey

Episode 85

Amy Wan

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts 101

Episode 86

Lucy Kendall

Lucy Kendall, CEO of International Children's Charity COCO

Episode 77

Kyle Davies

The Answer Within,
Managing Work Related Stress

Episode 78

AJ Wilcox

Tips for Winning with LinkedIn Advertising

Episode 79

Simon Raybould

Get more done, have more fun!

Episode 80

Alex Ingham

How to build & run a start-up business

Episode 81

Ian Farrar

Sales Thoughts from Ian's Indian Travels

Episode 72

Jeff Koser

How to find your perfect Sales Prospect

Episode 73

Doug Scott

The skinny on Angel Investors & Venture Capitalists

LIVE Episode 74

Andreas Kambanis

Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Episode 75

Ian & Past Guests

Thoughts for the Christmas holidays & 2018

Episode 76

2018 Update

Goal Setting

Episode 67

Suria Sparks

$10M Annual Sales Using Facebook Marketing Strategies

Episode 68

Heather Havenwood

Chatbot: Friend Or Foe

Episode 69

Keith Walker

Reduce threat with an Innovation Culture

Episode 70

Sean Swarner

Redefine Impossible

LIVE Episode 71

Paul Slater

Always Be Testing | Tales from a Start-up

Episode 62

Irene Manson

Rise of the silver economy billions

Episode 63

Ian Farrar

How to deal with Email Unsuscribers

Episode 64

Jefferson Lilly

Mobile Home Park Investment Niche

Episode 65

Shawn Anderson

Go The Extra Mile, Create That Better Life

Episode 66

Paul Lancaster

Inspiring entrepreneurs through a citywide festival

Episode 57

Jody Nichols

Academia to Entrepreneurship, a Software Start-up Journey.

Episode 58

Danusia Malina-Derben

Business Seduction: Sex Might Sell But Intimacy Wins

Episode 59

Luke Szyrmer

Lean startup, is it for you?

Episode 60

Dustin Mathews

Can One Great Presentation Make You Rich?

Episode 61

Linda smith

The Meanest Woman Alive

Episode 52

Connor Gillivan

Growing a college Amazon business into a successful enterprise.

Episode 53

Ian Farrar

Influencer Marketing Vs Employee Advocacy

Episode 54

Robyn Crane

Make More Money, Help More People

Episode 55

Simon Middleton

Build A Brand In 30 Days

Episode 56

Marshall Sylver

Sell with Irresistible Influence

Episode 47

Lawrence Mitchell

Success Without Stress: How to Prevent Burnout & Build Resilience

Episode 48

Nick Mann

How to find your passion & do what you were born to do

Episode 49

Steve Shoulder

90 Days To Profit.
The secret weapon for business success

Episode 50

Brian Fanzo

Disrupting the Digital Future with a Millennial Mindset

Episode 51

Geoff Ramm

Next Level Customer Service & Marketing

Episode 41

Rachel Parker

Content Marketing

Episode 42 & 43

Geoff Thompson

Scaling a start-up company & becoming Chairman of your hometown football club

Episode 44

Elaine Haney

Amazon Merch Entrepreneur

Episode 45

Simon Raybould

Effective Business Presentation Skills

Episode 46

Nick Klisht

Company Culture

Episode 36

John Lagoudakis

Results Based Internet Marketing

Episode 37

Ian & Past Guests

Christmas 2016 Edition

Episode 38

Rasmus Ankersen

Talent & High Performance Culture

Episode 39

Alison Donaghey

Change Your Business Change the World

Episode 40

Nick Snapp

Productivity tips for hacking corporate

Episode 31

Adèle McLay

Stand Out. Get Noticed. Grow Your Business.

Episode 32

Louie La Vella

When Louie met Gaga.

Episode 33

Matthew Turner

The Successful Mistake.

Episode 34

Scott Gombar

SEO Uncovered.

Episode 35

Nicki Morris

Business Stategy Planning.

Episode 26

Jonathan Pfahl

Rockstar Mentoring

Episode 27

Geoffrey Moore

High Tech Marketing

Episode 28

Ted Rubin

Social Marketing Strategist

Episode 29

Ash Dykes

World Record Holding Adventurer

Episode 30

Antonio García Martinez

Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine

Episode 21

Harry Baker
World Poetry Slam Champ

Episode 22

Emma Kaye
Africa's Digital Distribution Platform, Bozza

Episode 23

Danielle Tate

Elegant Entrepreneur

Episode 24

Mike Mirarchi

Sales Wisdom from a Toilet
Paper Salesman

Episode 25

John Williams

Screw Work Break Free
How to Launch Your Own Money-Making Idea in 30 Days.

Episode 016

Lisa Spencer Arnell
What's LOVE got to do with Leadership

Episode 017

Pete RobinsonKids Entertainment & Gaming

Episode 018

Heather WildeEntrepreneurship & Mentoring

Episode 019

Stephanie Mulac

Don't BURN out!

Episode 020

Hayley QuinnFemale Entrepreneurialism, Vlogging & Office Romances

Episode 011

Pip Thomas
The Giving Effect, The Power of Generosity

Episode 012
Sharon MacArthur

What kind of leader are YOU?

Episode 014
James Ketchell

The Ultimate Triathlon

Episode 015
Colin Macdonald

Games Commissioner at Channel 4

Episode 006
Dr Abdalla Kablan

Big Data, Machine Learning,

Episode 007 - Jamie Hill
Exporting Insights

Episode 008
 - Darren Jobling
3D Car Configuration Technology

Episode 009 - Tom Hunt
Tales from the Dragons' Den

Episode 010
Taz Thornton
Extreme Empowerment!

Episode 001
Dinah Bennett OBE

International Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Episode 002
Graham Allcott

How to become a Productivity Ninja

Episode 003
Brad Burton

Business Motivational Speaker

Episode 004
Darren Williams

From Dance Music to Hair Extensions

Episode 005
Nat Robinson

Creating a Cash Cow

"The more extensive a man’s knowledge of what has been done,
the greater will be his power of knowing what to do.."

- Benjamin Disraeli