Presentation Genius!

Presentation GeniusBecome a Presentation Genius! No matter how good your business idea is, if you can’t tell people what you do, you’re sunk. Presentations are just an absolute MUST as an entrepreneur.


Most presentations suck and most people hate giving them – and most of those that don’t, should! 😉


Fear not, Industry Angel listeners – the revolution is here. I’ve teamed up with Ian to offer places at the only public UK course I’ll be giving this year – and it’s in Durham.


For three hours+ on the morning of Friday 15th of September you’ll get the absolute best advice on making presentations there is. And what’s more you can get 13% off the tickets, just because you listen to Industry Angel.

Go to the Presentation Genius Durham website and see if you like what you see. When you’re ready to buy, use the code A13I (the letters forAlpha and Indigo around the number 13) as the coupon code. Then just turn up!

You’ll get advice on how to handle nerves; how to structure your presentation so that people remember what you say; how do design slides so that they get into peoples’ heads; what not to do to put people off and make them forget you; how to phrase and what to include so that people actually do something with your information after the presentation.


And if you want to know what you’re in for, head back and listen to Episode 45

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