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Thank you so much for all your continued support for our podcast. Your feedback and sponsorship help keep the show top of the iTunes Noteworthy sections and I was pleased to celebrate a year of podcasting recently. Please let me know if you would like me to cover a particular subject and i’m more than happy to give you and your organisation a shout out.
I was recently asked to contribute a guest article to US based magazine, Podertainment this month. It looks like we are certainly making waves from this side of the pond 🙂
Please keep sharing the content. We are offering one reader of this post a chance to win a free episode sponsorship. This will not only provide you a 20 second soundbite to thousands but your website will also be linked, including on social media, providing you 5-10 quality SEO links!
Email host@industryangel.com by 30th March 2017 to take part in this competition.
Cheers, Ian.

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Ian is also the MD & Business Coach at Sales & Marketing Consultancy www.far-north.co.uk
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