Targets, YOU smashed them!

Thanks, YOU really did smash it!  Back in January, I set some launch targets:-

  • Launch the show and website in February
  • Hit ‘New & Noteworthy’ in iTunes
  • Reach 1000 downloads
  • Have a global presence
  • Highlight the North East UK

Well we did it! We actually did it ALL…in February!



The stats make for interesting reading. This example is the reach in the US.

Download Statistics

It’s great to see that guests are being showcased globally, the reach has been fantastic, downloads have taken place in….UK, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Slovakia, Malta, Portugal, Japan, Kenya, Spain, Philippines, South Africa, New Zealand, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, Angola, Botswana, Vietnam, China, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Colombia, Singapore and more….


Daz Williams

Daz Williams topped the February downloads


The 1000 downloads targets were reached, again, in month ONE!

Podcast Downloads

So what’s our next targets?

  • FANTASTIC guests, we have some great shows in the diary.
  • BONUS episodes.  We are committed to discuss industry issues and initiatives so watch out for additional shows on particular subjects that are challenging us.
  • COMPETITIONS, Angel goodies
  • Show sponsorship business OPPORTUNITIES

With just a handful of shows we have been in ‘New & Noteworthy’ since week ONE!

iTunes targets

Thanks for listening, March is looking great!



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